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Maintaining a great appearance in your office is a direct reflection on your business. Often times the 1st. impression is the lasting one. This impression starts with a great looking floor. We can handle your floor refinishing needs and can make your office floors look like new.


With the right floor maintenance program your floors can look good everyday all year long. There is no such thing as maintenance free floor. Coupled with daily cleaning each floor has a program based upon your expectations and budget. Let us help you design the best.

Our commercial floor refinishing services are provided byveterans specialist with years of expirience so you know your floors will end up just how you want them.

Vinyl composite tile or vinyl sheet floors. STRIP, SEAL and WAX: strip old wax from floor, edges of door frames and baseboards and then apply a sealer-enriched high solids wax of four to five coats. TOP SCRUB and RECOAT: rough up floor surface and apply two coats of wax. This process is performed when there is enough wax on the floors and they have yet to turn yellow but have scratches or marks in the surface.

Ceramic tile & grout cleaning Machine scrub: with low speed floor machine to remove diet from ceramic tile and to loosen diet in grout. Wet dry vacuum excess dirt and water.


Acid Wash: in cases where dirt is ground into tile and has been allowed to build up excessively.


Hand Scrub Grout: where ceramic tile differs in color due to excessive wear in high traffic areas.


Carpet care- Hot water extraction or steam cleaning: is a cleaning method that begins with dry soil removal (vacuuming) followed by precondition. Hot water is applied to the carpet , the pressurized solution often combined with detergent is injected into the carpet. Suspended soil is removed. Needs about 12 to 24 hours to dry.


Spot cleaning: use of special stop cleaning Machine or removal of deep set in stains.

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